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The Jewish Community of Frankfurt am Main is opening its doors to everyone and is celebrating a community festival to mark the 75th anniversary of its re-establishment. The Jewish institutions in Frankfurt present themselves, Sharon Brauner provides the atmosphere during the day with Yiddish songs and in the evening the KOOLULAM team, who traveled from Israel, harmonizes hearts with many voices.



On the occasion of 75 years re-establishment of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt am Main, almost 500 members are celebrating a Shabbat en blanc together. Dressed in white, people pray, sing and eat together at long white tables. Each plate is a unique piece painted by children, geshmake Esn in family style, and the songs of the Maccabeats, who have traveled from New York, create a very special Shbs Shlum.



With over 200 guests from all over Europe, in temperatures over 30° Celsius, the Italian bride and groom celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Rhine. From the wedding ceremony in the 12th century basilica, to the reception with a magnificent view over the traditional castle Johannisberg winery and followed by an elegant dinner with a fine menu under the starry sky in the castle courtyard. A huge disco-lantern-sky and an Italian superstar make the AmoratisFortunatis and the Nobiltà Cattolica finally sweat.

Fotos: WHY EVENT & Margherita Bonetti

Bat Mitzvah Shabbat 
OMG - Bat Mitzwah!!! Grown up at 12???
Nevertheless, (almost) every girl is happy to be in the limelight for the first time!
Nothing should be missing..friends & family, flowers, balloons, candy bar, music & glitter...

Fotos: Wolfgang Günzel & Barbara Rademacher

 Opening Ceremony of the Frankfurter Buchmesse
The Frankfurt Book Fair is a major cultural event of superlatives - it is the most important literary festival in the world and makes Frankfurt the center of the international media world for five days every October. It functions as the world's most important trading center, where the big names from the book industry, from publishing, from art and from the film industry meet. In October 2019, 2000 guests celebrated the opening of this international trade fair and Norway as the Guest of Honour. 

Fotos: Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH

 Sureal Grey
At 60 years on route to old and grey, but still the child in you - birthday kid. Decoration entirely grey, with color accents of the restaurant. In the course of the evening musicians and dancers in surreal positions and costumes. Reading the newspaper - the passion of the host, even at night. Between the courses dance performaces with bizarre songs on the subject. Some dance.

Fotos: Wolfgang Günzel & Barbara Rademacher

 Paris ici

Quand le président appelle à une fête, ils viennent tous: les célébrités, les artistes et musiciens, et bien sûr les danseurs de cancan. Tout le monde se réunit pour fêter l'anniversaire d'un galeriste réputé.

Fotos: Iona Teichert

Frankfurter Buchmesse - The Dinner 
 Once a year the luminaries and exotics of the international world of books meet up in Frankfurt am Main with the people directing politics.
Their host and man of the house invites these celebrities to an exclusive dinner by the fireplace.
During this summit meeting, also consisting of late night drinks and further guests, international conversations, thoughts and ideas flow in this annual exchange about innovative change and maintaining the creative spirit. .

Fotos: WHY EVENT & Claus Setzer

From Ibiza with Love
 Master and Mistress of art celebrate their wedding with 180 members of family and friends on the island of love. On Friday evening the selected guests acclimatize in the Chiringuito during the sunset and later under the stars whilst sipping sangria and mariscos. The next day - all heated up and freshly showered after a day at the beach - with the masterful help of the Dionysian experts of the Cipriniani, the guests are treated by the overs to musical und culinary festivities until deep into the night.


Fotos: Milena Guell

Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing

350 surprised and morganatic guests from the world of art and commerce, 45 ecstatic dancers in formation and straps, 1 Spanish choreograph and ex Forsyth dancer, 1 massive power generator for DJ, VJ und light design, 10 makeup artists with huge amounts of hair and makeup, over 1000 cocktails, flying and liquid dinner! – That was a Frankfurt art-dealer’s singular, extravagant and ecstatic birthday-, dance- and firm- party in the Palais Frankfurt.

An electrifying staged show out of dance, music, visuals and lights which ensured an immediate ecstatic party atmosphere until feet were sore.

Fotos: Wolfgang Günzel & Barbara Rademacher

Royal Wedding 

In a white, blue and yellow land far, far away..... 

A huge assembly crane and many hardworking hands conjured up a white-tent landscape in the castle’s park. They piled and cleaned and dressed up and wrapped up until everything sparkled. And all at 30 degrees whilst the sun was beating down and the labradors were swimming in the pool. A sea of white and blue flowers on a yellow carpet. Dance hall chandeliers hanging from the tent ceiling whilst the luscious park is lit up like a fairytale. The whole town brimming with excitement. 450 guests in a celebratory mood. Beautiful dresses and beautiful dancers who carry on until the early hours of the morning. Preparations fit for a royal household and for a sophisticated and party-loving society. Long live C&S!

Fotos: Anna Meuer & Iona Teichert & Eda Sarikaya

Big Dinner Party 

A museum needs friends and supporters. That is why the 250 guests eagerly look forward to the MMK’s (Museum für Moderne Kunst) traditional big dinner party where they can see something new, enjoy discussions, party and help the museum. The art of doing a fundraiser for an art museum is a mixture of a surprising idea, seductive offers, enthusiastic well-wishers and happy sponsors. Most convincing is the attention to detail and towards making the guest happy, which is later mirrored in their support.

Fotos: Thomas Schröder

Circus Wedding

A wonderful film-maker and his lovely theatre-maker wife celebrate a fairytale wedding with their extended families and lots of friends - all in all 450 people - in a huge circus tent. The boards tremble with all the talent for the stage, celebration and humor. "We love life, love and the zest, we believe in God and we always want to drink." If this famous German carnival song did not already exist, it would have been invented for that evening.

What fun F&M!

Fotos: Paul Schirnhofer

Girls only

Do you want a combined force and a good atmosphere? 

Then invite 500 ladies. 

Create a beautiful ambiance and present a good idea.

Those are the fundamentals for the guaranteed success of a fundraising event.

It is impressive how girl power amazes, stimulates and does good.

Fotos: Wolfgang Günzel & Barbara Radermacher

 Lady with Hat

"The most beautiful jewelry, oh my Lordy; are always the hats, for the Lady! It is forbidden to give a kiss left and right, a hand kiss therefore does it right!" This saying was left by Christa Freifrau of the Bussche-Ippenburg, inventor of the legendary "Cocktail prolongé - Lady with Hat".

During her 16 years working as a event manger for the Metzler Bank, Donata organized many exclusive events for Sylvia and Friedrich von Metzler. Among them was the regular cocktail "Lady with Hat" with over 1000 guests in hats. 

Fotos: Wolfgang Günzel & Barbara Radermacher / Anna Meuer & Iona Teichert

Cocktail dansant

It can get pretty hot in a garden tent when twins celebrate their birthday in winter.

 Cocktail ingredients:

1 Piano Man from the Adlon

A 10m long bar

250 good friends

Dancing shoes

Delicious bites

 Bohèmian light

Lots of red velvet 

Fotos: Anna Meuer & Iona Teichert

Mariachi, Margaritas & more... 

What happens when a Mexican in Berlin wants to celebrate her birthday with 200 guests? Her garden is transformed into a Mexican paradise filled with colors, South American culinary delights, magical drinks and the sounds of the Mariachi. Thankfully the sun decided to mark the occasion and heat up the party.

Fotos: Celia Rogge


A collector celebrates his art and his birthday...

Fotos: Anna Meuer


It’s a blistering 38° and a family of pirates decides to leave the city and set sail for the Hessian Treasure Island. The birthday child and father plunders the fancy dress box and an artist’s workshop. White stockings get pulled up, the beards pushed into shape and the cocktails are topped with umbrellas. When all is achieved a further 150 city-pirates promptly invade with their tin ships. 

Fotos: Iona Teichert




An 18th birthday party in hip Berlin Schöneberg. The location is a bedrock of West-Berlin’s nightlife: the Kara Kas Bar, famous for the roses hanging from it’s ceiling. Blacklight Party was a must -  with the compulsory colors and parents not permitted…

Fotos: Nataly Gleser